Paint · January 10, 2018

Paint Pours for Texture

Was asked to produce textures for application. These were created by using the cup paint pour method. Pouring multiple colours into a single cup and then during it onto canvas, the follow six images were the result.

I was not in love the with results. I put the images into photoshop to experiment and ended up mirroring the images in different directions. The effect was much more pleasing to the eye. Symmetry and balance were introduced, creating a lovely organic looking pattern for later use.


Some paint pours will not work. Its all about a consistent formula and keeping track of what works and what does not. Lighter colours are better as a base than dark colours. Keeping the colour combos around 3-4 colours works out cleaner than more colours in a paint pour. Achieving larger cells will take a better paint medium than used here. 

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